People have been experiencing pregnancy since the beginning of human life, but it can still be a nerve-wracking and confusing time for a mom-to-be. Your body will go through a lot of changes and you will have a lot of information to take in. There’s a lot of great advice about pregnancy that will help a mother manage better. Looking for a suitable starting point? Just start here.

TIP! While pregnant, always ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects. The lifting of heavy items can cause back strain, miscarriage or stress to the baby.

As long as you try to eat three healthy meals a day, there is nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while! You body has cravings for a reason, and your body may be lacking something that is in whatever you are wanting so bad. You need even more nutrients when eating for two people.

Don’t skimp on exercise because you are pregnant. Exercise can reduce your risk of miscarriage, decrease the length of time you spend in labor, and make your post-partum recovery and weight loss easier.

TIP! If you due date is past and you want to bring on delivery, try walking. Taking a walk is a healthy way to encourage your fetus to get into a lower position in order for him to be born.

Gasoline fumes can be harmful and unpleasant during pregnancy, try to have an attendant or friend pump gas for you. Gas fumes are not good for you or your baby. You should ask for help rather than taking a risk.

Take a trip to the hospital that you plan to have your baby at. Go on a tour and talk to staff. This will help you relax and get answers to many of your questions. This is a great thing for the father to do. He will probably be the main communicator at the hospital anyway.

TIP! Always remember your partner or spouse while you’re pregnant. Your spouse with be just as anxious and excited about the baby, so be sure to include them in them in the planning.

If the birth of your child is overdue, start walking. This can help you to maintain your health during the process. Bring one of your friends on the journey. Don’t engage in other more extreme and dangerous techniques.

Decorating the nursery can be exciting. That said, don’t get near any VOC paint. Keep a well ventilated room with the windows open. It is wise to enlist family and friends to do the hard work.

TIP! Tell your doctor if you feel really swollen when you’re pregnant. This could be a harmless symptom, or be a sign of a high blood pressure condition also known as preeclampsia.

When pregnant, support your body, while you sleep. You can buy a pillow that is made for your pregnant body in many different stores. If you don’t have one of these, you can get support from a regular pillow. Supporting both your knee and your stomach can help you achieve a more restful sleep.

Keep a food diary during pregnancy. This will help you see if there are any gaps when it comes to the nutrients that your baby is getting. Taking this list to the doctor will also come in handy for him or her to look over as well.

TIP! It’s normal to become very excited about decorating your baby’s nursery. Be careful to think about the fumes you may be exposing your fetus to.

Once the third trimester rolls around, you should ensure your hospital bag is packed and ready to go. It is better to be prepared in advance and to have the peace of mind of knowing you are ready. Pack your camera, extra batteries, insurance cards as well as a copy of the birth plan.

You don’t need to eat at every opportunity either, so do say no if unnecessary food is offered. You should keep your calories high but don’t start eating constantly. You have the right to make healthy food choices.

TIP! When pregnant, you should never expose yourself to your cat’s soiled litter. Cat litter contains bacteria that can cause toxoplasmosis in pregnant women.

Consider writing out a plan for your birth in order to make your desires and expectations known to all. You can also put in personal preferences for your childbirth, such as music and lighting, so that you are as comfortable as possible when you give birth. This plan can be very short, or it can be very long. It’s your decision.

Always use the highest rated sunscreen possible when you are out in the summer sun during pregnancy. The sun increases melanin production and you may develop a “pregnancy mask”. You can easily skip out on this facial redness by protecting your face from the sun.

TIP! If you are pregnant, have a flu shot for winter. Your immune system weakens during pregnancy, which makes it easier for you to contract the flu.

You should be drinking plenty of water when pregnant. Hydration is good for the fetus’s health and makes it less likely that you will overeat. The feeling of dehydration may make you think you are hungry instead. If you have eaten recently, yet still feel hungry, have some water and see if that solves things.

Folic Acid

TIP! Your need to support your body, while sleeping, when you are pregnant. There are pillows available that are made to cradle the pregnant belly for comfort and support when sleeping.

Folic acid is very important during pregnancy. Although you need a lot of nutrients during your pregnancy, you can greatly reduce the risk of devastating neural tube defects by making sure you get at least 600 milligrams every day of folic acid. If you’re trying to get pregnant or already are, take 400mg per day.

Quit smoking before you become pregnant!!! If you smoke now, do everything you can to stop before you get pregnant, or as early in your pregnancy as possible. Smoking during pregnancy can cause many unfortunate events for both mother and baby. There is a greater chance of having an ectopic pregnancy. Miscarriage and stillbirth chances also increase when a woman smokes during pregnancy. Moreover, the risk of giving birth prematurely and incidences of birth defects are higher for smokers.

TIP! Unusual amounts of vaginal discharge during your pregnancy should be reported to your doctor. This could be a sign of a vaginal infection, something common during pregnancy.

Morning sickness is a common woe of pregnant women. If you’re struggling with morning sickness, you can make some lifestyle changes to help reduce your feelings of sickness. Eat small meals more frequently to keep your stomach full without overdoing it. Drink a lot of water and other fluids. When you are supposed to take the prenatal vitamins, consume them with food. If there are specific foods that upset your system, avoid them. Exhaustion can play a role in how you feel so take it easy and rest when needed.

When you’re pregnant you need to know that your child will take in whatever you’re taking in as well. It is a wise idea to avoid cigarettes, drugs and alcohol all during the time that you are pregnant. The baby may become harmed from your poor choices.

TIP! Read online about giving birth to get an idea of what to expect. Textbook type books may provide you with a lot of factual details and medical terminology, but reading a first-hand account will give you a much livelier and realistic perspective.

Always remember that your pregnancy will not last forever. When pregnancy ends, the real fun of parenthood begins. Finding out more information during this time can help you feel more comfortable.

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